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Organic Shea Butter Ivory Creamy Smooth
Organic Shea Butter Golden Yellow
Avocado Oil (food grade)
Raw Unrefined Cocoa Butter & Organic Shea Butter Golden Yellow
Sweet Almond Oil Food Grade
Balsam Cedar Yankee Type
Sugar Plum
Mango Apple Gain Type
Sleigh Ride Slatkin Type
Cinnamon Sugared Donut Slakin Type
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Liquid Lanolin Oil
Lanolin Anhydrous USP Grade
Macadamia Nut Oil (food grade)
Palm Kernel Oil
Pomace Olive Oil
Mocha Jojoba Beads
Baby Pink Jojoba Beads
Euphoria Mens
Black Coconut
Coco Mademoiselle Chanel Type
Blackberry Vanilla
Fresh Squeezed Lemons
Patchouli Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Hazelnut
Rose Fragrance Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil Food Grade
Black Tie Mens
Jojoba Beads Rocket Red
Jojoba Beads Black
Light Gold Mica
Polished Copper Glitter
Jojoba Beads Mango
Rosemary Extract Oil
Jojoba Beads Pacific Blue
Beeswax Pastilles White
Liquid Dye Soap & Bath Products 1/4 oz
76 Degree Coconut Oil (food grade)
76 Degree Coconut Oil 1 Gal (food grade)
Organic Palm Oil Rain Forest Friendly 1 Gallon (food grade)
Organic Palm Oil Rain Forest Friendly Food Grade
Polysorbate 20
Wooden Soap Dish
Germall Plus Liquid
Wavy Soap Cutter
Stainless Steel Straight Soap Cutter
Chrome Oxide Green
Ultramarine Violet
Iron Oxide Red
Lip Balm Base Sweetened With Stevia
76 Degree Coconut Oil & Organic Palm Oil Food Grade
Tallow Beef Food Grade
Winter Wonderland
Deep Rich Chocolate
Oatmeal Colloidal
Coffee And Brown Sugar Body Scrub Kit Makes 10-8 oz Jars
Goats Milk And Shea Butter Lotion Cream Base
Brown Sugar And Oats Body Scrub Kit Makes 4-8 oz Jars
Large Soap Shrink Wrap Bands
Silk Protein Amino Acid
Coral Mica
Cappuchino Mica
Gold Rush Mica
Iron Oxide Black
Iron Oxide Brown
Flavor Oil 1/4 oz 34 Flavors To Choose From
Iron Oxide Yellow
Stearic Acid (Vegetable Derived)
Fragrance Modifer
Flavor Oils 1/2 oz 34 Flavors To Choose From
Emusifying Wax
Cocoa Butter Raw Unrefined
Titanium Dioxide Food Grade
Chamomile Flowers
Celestial Gold Glitter
Celestial Gold Glitter
Peppermint Herb
Fine Green Ground Luffa Exfoliant
Foaming Liquid Hand & Body Soap
Citric Acid Food Grade
Deodorized Cocoa Butter Unscented
Dead Sea Salt (Fine)
Whole Cloves
Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base Clear
Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base White
Vitamin E T-50 Tocopherols
Lagoon Glitter
Organic Palm Oil Rain Forest Friendly 1/2 Gallon Food Grade
Orange Peel Powder
Money Handmade Soap Bar
76 Degree Coconut Oil 1/2 Gal (food grade)
Pipettes 3.5 ML
Vegetable Glycerin Food Grade
Jojoba Oil Golden Pure & Natural
Jojoba Beads Jade Green
Extra Fine Pumice
Apricot Kernel Meal
3 D Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mold
Aloe Vera Jelly 91% Organic Content
Flavor Oil Set Includes All 34 Flavors 1/4 oz Each
Cranberry Chutney
Lecithin Liquid
Christmas Cookie
Coconut Lime Verbena
Soap Shrink Wrap Bands EZ Professional & Sanitary
Coco Mango
Lavender Vanilla
Peony Fragrance Oil
Sun Kissed Orange Glitter
Brown Sugar Fragrance Oil
Cinnaberries Fragrance Oil
Clean Cotton Fragrance Oil
Jojoba Beads Ice White
Cool Lime Glitter
Jojoba Beads Outragious Orange
Tear Drop Hearts Mold Life Of The Party
Metal Soap Box Only
Arrowroot Powder
Rhassoul Clay
Jojoba Beads Mint Green
Sky Blue Glitter
76 Degree Coconut Oil & Organic Palm Oil 1/2 Gal Ech (food Grade)
Kaolin Clay
Sea Kelp Powder
76 Degree Coconut Oil & Organic Palm Oil 1 Gal Ech (food grade)
Kokum Butter
Whole Milk Powder
Zinc Oxide
Iridescent Diamond Glitter
Patchouli Vanilla Large Soap Bar
Mad Beach Beer Soap Handmade Bar
Regal Red Glitter
Hot Pink Glitter
Goats Milk Powder
Monkey Farts
Apple Jack & Peel Fragrance Oil
Pumpkin Pie Paradise
Candelilla Wax
Vanilla Spice
Victorian Christmas
Honey Powder
Black Walnut Hulls Powder
Coconut Milk Powder
Buttermilk Powder
Dead Sea Salt (Coarse)
Liquid Dye Soap & Bath Products 1/2 oz
Jojoba Beads Cobalt Blue
Sienna Mica
Hearts & Doves Soap Mold Life Of The Party
Set Of Three Liquid Dye Life Of The Party
Lip Balm Tubes OVAL .15 oz
Sodium Lactate 60%
Lip Balm Shrink Wrap Round Tubes
Lip Balm Tubes Shrink Wrap OVAL Tubes
Borax Cosmetic Grade
Glistening Green Mica
Glistening Green Mica
Purple Passion Mica
Wooden Scoops
Wooden Scoops
Large Round Bath Bomb Mold
Phenonip Preservative
Black Cherry Bomb
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Carribean Coconut
Pumpkin Crunch Cake
Ginger Bread
Vanilla Swirl
Snowberry Fragrance Oil
Strawberry Passion
Sweet Pea
Devils Food Chocolate Cake
Witches Brew Fragrance Oil
Love Stuck Vera Wang Type
Fresh Ripe Strawberries
Mother Earth
Oatmeal Milk & Honey
Naked In The Woods
Cucumber Mint
Strawberry Rose
Orange Creme Vanilla
Banana Coconut
Coconut Lemongrass
Titanium Dioxide
Chamomile Floral Water
Ginger Root Floral Water
Rosemary Peppermint Hair & Body Handmade Soap Bar

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