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Flavor Oil Set Includes All 34 Flavors 1/4 oz Each
Flavor Oil Set Includes All 34 Flavors 1/4 oz Each
This will include all of the flavor oils we carry, They are formulated specifically for edible massage oils, lip balms and glosses. They are manufactured with a combination of both high quality natural and artificial ingredients. The natural ingredient base allows our flavors to enhance products with wonderful taste as it would be found naturally without the synthetic or chemical aftertaste

Usage Rate: 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per 1/4 lb lip balm base

Here are the flavors you will receive


2.Banana Coconut

3.Bubble Gum


5.Butter Pecan


7.Chocolate Mint



10.Cotton Candy


12. Devils Food Chocolate Cake

13. French Vanilla


15.Green Apple

16. Peanut Butter

17. Lemonade

18. Malted Milk Balls

19. Mango

20. Marshmallow Fluff

21. Orange

22. Orange Creme Vanilla

23. Orange Sorbet

24. Vanilla Swirl

25. Peppermint

26. Pina Colada

27. Peach

28. Pink Lemonade

29. Pumpkin Cheesecake

30. Iced Pinapple & Tangerine

31. Raspberry

32. Strawberry

33. Watermelon

34. Pistachio Ice Cream

Flavor oils are not sweetened and they are not meant to taste like candy. They are actually fragrance oils that are approved for use on lips, We do sell a sweetener made up of virgin coconut oil and stevia if you like to make them sweet. Flavor oils smell just like their name imply s and your nose will trick your brain into thinking it tastes the flavor name. Do not use directly on lips. Must be added to oils or lip balm base for use.
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