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Whole ClovesWhole Cloves

Cloves are great in soapmaking they will give color to your soap as well as a powerful aroma. Use whole to decorate the top of your soap loaf or crush in blender to add color to your soap as well as exfoliator

Whole Cloves:
Sea Kelp PowderSea Kelp Powder

Sea kelp is deep green in color. Kelp contains chlorophlyll which helps detoify the skin and body. It has essential fatty acids which improve skin elasticity. Carbohydrates which stimulate the skins ability to heal.Vitamin A an anitoxidant that noralizes skin cells.Proteins and amino acids which are the building blocks of cells and act as skin conditioners. Add Sea Kelp to your soap making for color, use as facial, in bath salts, body wrap, 

Sea Kelp:

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