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Chamomile FlowersChamomile Flowers

Chamomile flowers are used in alternative medicine as an anodyne, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, nervine, stomachic, tonic, vasodilatory. The anti-inflammatory properties make it good for rheumatism, arthritis, and other painful swellings.  An infusion of Chamomile flowers is used as a hair shampoo, especially for fair hair. The flowers are sometimes added to cosmetics as an anti-allergenic agent or made into a salve for use on wounds. The dried herb is made into potpourri and herb pillows, and is burned for aromatherapy. Applied externally as a wash or compress for skin inflammations, sunburn, burns, and added to bath for relaxing tired, achy muscles and feet, and softening the skin.

Chamomile Flowers:
Peppermint HerbPeppermint Herb
Peppermint Herb is a great additive for your soap making.

Herbs in Your Soap
The amount of herbs used depends on their state. One tablespoon of fresh herbs equals one teaspoon of dry herbs. This conversion will come in handy if you're following a recipe that calls for fresh, and you only have dried. For each pound of soap you can add a quarter-cup of fresh herbs, but pay attention to the form you're adding.

When to add Herbs
or everything, and the time to add herbs in soap varies. If you're using the cold process, add herbs after trace. If using rebatch or melt and pour, add herbs right before you add the soap to molds. You can even add herbs after you've poured your soap (except with CP) or even after the soap has become thicker.

Peppermint Herb:

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