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Beeswax Pastilles WhiteBeeswax Pastilles White

This beeswax cosmetic grade. Beeswax Pastilles are easy to measure weigh and handle, they are used in soap making, lip balms, salves, candle making and much more.

beeswax pastilles white:
Emusifying WaxEmusifying Wax

Emulsifying Wax is mild and provides excellent stability. It is perfect for  homemade lotions and creams because it binds the oils and waters together. Emulsifying Wax can be used to thicken or thin lotions, depending on how much is used.

creams 10-15%

lotions 3-5%

Emusifying Wax:
Candelilla WaxCandelilla Wax

Use Candelilla wax in lip balms, lipsticks, body butters, creams, lotions, hair pomades and other products. Vegan Friendly, The Candelilla Plant (Euphorbia Antisyphillitica and Pedilanthus Pavonis) grows in Northeastern Mexico in the wilds of the north central plains and foothills .

Candelilla Wax:

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